When we first entered this space, inert for more than 20 years, we came across a sea of objects, scratches, cloths, moulds, marks, labels, irons, letters, sofas, family photos, crockery and a bottle full of a flammable liquid cloudy and a cloth running down the neck, resembling a lamp or a Molotov cocktail. All these elements, stacked, overlapping and apparently deposited in a hurry without any organization seemed to be left by someone who would soon return but never set foot here again, notes of what could be the history of this place that lived its cycles like avalanches of lava that deposit matter on life in a

Portuguese Pompeii consists of an old textile factory and household fillings.   

We gave ourselves to the factory and with our own hands, rebuilt and created a space open to artistic creation and dissemination for all who wanted to be part of this community

Currently we have a gallery of about 100m2 and a black-box of 36m2 (4.5m of fountain and 8m of background) as a rehearsal and presentation space, kitchen-café and 6 workspaces for artists and cultural producers, in 2 typologies, being: - a room on the ground floor divided into 4 areas of about 10m2 each, - a mezzanine

shared in two areas of about 18m2 each.

All artists receive an independent plug/plug with charge for many equipment and 5G fiber internet. Common areas are also available to resident artists, as well as printing equipment and tools (a plotter, light table, drills, saws, other equipment), kitchen, terrace and other areas.

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It is in our interest to highlight the power of an art that gives way to non-linear narratives, to experiences of difference, to undetermined knowledge. The idea of building collective situations to be experienced, rather than a spectacular event, has been a reference for many artists and people: artistic works that activate participative situations and thoughts about this experience; that can give rise to new perceptions to the observer/participator, from the experience of the work itself.

The understanding of art that PENHAS CO objective, is an expanded practice, more interested in being open to the encounter, to intensify experiences and their affections and to give way to the existence of the communities involved. This is the case, as far as music is concerned, of the Improjam series of events, a resident activity on a monthly basis. Aimed at the community of improvising musicians, but opening its scope to performers, dancers, actors and artists for whom improvisation methodology is a creative tool, this initiative has gained a special relevance. The fact that it brings together creators and is a space for collective sharing and intertwining of artistic languages, has become a representative moment, being attractive to several artists, who have the opportunity to assimilate procedures that allow them to develop their own work.

Within this framework, PENHA SCO develops some course programs and educational projects as well as welcomes proposals from third parties that complete and dialogue with the themes and activities in force, all integrated in our cycles and disseminated in our platforms.

Some continuous and partner activities of PENHA SCO are:

Apoios institucionais

Apoios institucionais


Rua Neves Ferreira, 10A, Penha de França – C.P. 1170-274 / Lisboa / Portugal

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